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coffee machines

For this type of application, food fluid circuits require components that conform to FDA standards and that allow a maximum pressure of 10 bar and a maximum temperature of 150°c.
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LF 3600 push-in fittings

. suitable for food fluids
These fittings, specially manufactured for food applications, ensure full and reliable connection from the water inlet on a machine to the coffee cup outlet. Combined with FEP tubing, they provide the complete connection solution.

Main advantages
- all components have a high phosphorus bonded chemical nickel coating conforming to FDA standard
- excellent resistance to high pressure and temperature with FKM sealing technology
- consumer safety assured thanks to FDA standard grease on all seals
- no restriction, full flow fluid passage due to the fitting’s internal design
- time saving and easy installation, due to push-in connection
- compactness due to small overall dimensions

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FEP tubing

. suitable for food fluids
This food quality tubing, combined with LF 3600 push-in fittings, fully meets potable water circuit requirements.

Main advantages
- conforms to FDA standard
- excellent resistance to high temperature, aggressive and corrosive washdown agents

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stainless steel compression fittings

. suitable for food environments
Parker Legris stainless steel 316L compression fittings allow contact with food products. They are an excellent alternative to LF 3600 push-in fittings.

Main advantages
- all components are stainless steel 316L
- withstand high temperatures, pressures and aggressive fluids
- easy assembly